Title I Overview

  • How do schools receive Title I, Part A funds?

    • First, the federal government provides funding to each state based on census data.
    • Then, each State Educational Agency (SEA) awards money to its school districts. Districts determine schools eligible for Title I, Part A funding by following ESEA Title I Part A rules.
    • Finally, each district determines which of their schools will receive Title I, Part A program services based on the school’s poverty rate and student needs.

    Note: The Entiat School District allocates Title I funding to Paul Rumburg Elementary School to provide supplemental support to students and targeted professional development for staff.

    Then the school will:

    1. Identify the students who need the additional educational assistance based upon the required criteria. Students do NOT have to be from low-income families to receive Title I, Part A services.
    2. Set goals for improving the skills of educationally disadvantaged students at their school.
    3. Develop school-wide programs with individual student in mind, to support/supplement regular classroom instruction.
    4. Measure student progress to determine the success of the Title I, Part A program for each student.

     How can parents help?

    Communicate: Staying informed and responding promptly to all communications from the school or the school district.

    Be an example: Showing your child that education is important by reading, attending parent/teacher conferences and attending open houses.

    Volunteer: Volunteering at your child’s school and helping with extra-curricular activities.

    Learn: Finding out how to help your child with classwork, homework and future education plans.

    Get involved: Joining school/parent organizations, school improvement teams, advisory councils and other parent committees.


    For more information, please contact Miles Caples, Title I Coordinator at (509)784-1800 or mcaples@entiatschools.org. You can also refer to http://www.k12.wa.us/TitleI/default.aspx