The following procedures will be employed by the district when, in the opinion of the administration, conditions exist which warrant school closure, delay, or early dismissal. 

    School Closure will occur when conditions are so severe that it is not in the best interest of any students to be in school attendance. Parents will be notified by radio (560AM, 102.1FM KPQ, and 93.5FM KOZI), and informational messages will be available at 784-0402 and 784-1800. Information will also be posted at www.entiatschools.org by 6:30 am when possible.

    Delayed Opening situations may occur which will delay school opening two hours (start time of 10:15). If your students’ bus does not arrive within fifteen minutes of its regular time, please tune in to KPQ or KOZI for information concerning the delayed opening. Morning preschool will be canceled and no breakfast will be served.

    Students who arrive at school because they did not hear the closure or delay information are asked to go to the high school office.

    Early Dismissal Situations may occur in which school would be released at an earlier time. Before releasing students, we would attempt to contact parents and notify radio stations (KPQ and KOZI). The normal bus take home route would be in effect. If the driver determines there to be no adult supervision, the student will be returned to school and kept safe under adult supervision, until the guardian arrives.