• Emergency Closure, Delayed Opening or Early Dismissal 


    As winter progresses, we face the possibility of weather and road conditions that would cause us to cancel or delay school.  But now that we are able to conduct classes remotely for most students, it will not be necessary to cancel or delay school for these reasons.
     If the district determines that in-person school will not take place on a given day, the following will happen:

    • AM and PM Pre-K and Kindergarten classes will be cancelled for the day. 

    All classes for Grades 1-12 will be taught remotely, following the same schedule as in-person classes.  Students are expected to attend all classes unless they have no internet.

    • District will send out a ‘robocall’ and ClassTag announcement to all parents explaining that school for Gr 1-12 will be remote, and PreK and Kinder are cancelled.

    • Parents can also get information by listening to the radio at 560 AM/102.1 FM KPQ and 93.5 FM KOZI.  Information will be posted on the school website www.entiatschools.org by 7:00 am when possible.

    Early Dismissal situations may occur in which school would be released at an earlier time than usual. Before releasing students, we will attempt to contact parents, and notify radio stations (KPQ and KOZI). Normal bus take home routes would be in effect. If the driver determines there to be no adult supervision at home, the student will be returned to school and kept safe under adult supervision until the guardian arrives.